Kasey Van Norman

Kasey Van Norman's teaching style radiates a unique and refreshing authenticity as she speaks to a generation of people tired of hypocrisy and hungry for transparent leaders. Her ministry passion is to reach those who are far from God and ignite a spiritual flame in those who know Him. Kasey resides in College Station, Texas, with her husband, Justin, and their two children.

Kasey is a bestselling author and nationally known Bible teacher. Her breakout book and Bible study series, Named by God, gained national attention as an inspiring and cutting-edge journey into the redemptive power of Jesus through our past, present, and future. Kasey spoke to more than one hundred thousand women in North America about how God has redeemed her life as one of the least deserving people on the planet. Kasey uses her story to ignite a flame of passion in the hearts of believers and unbelievers alike. Kasey is a licensed professional counselor who has earned degrees in psychology, public speaking, counseling, and biblical studies. She and her family currently live and work on a 280-acre rescue ranch in Central Texas called Still Creek Ranch, the only long-term care facility for sex-trafficked and severely abused/neglected children in the United States.