Ashley Smith Robinson

Ashley,By her own account, Ashley Smith Robinson is far from an angel or a hero. Yet today, her face is known around the world as the single mother who persuaded Brian Nichols, Atlanta’s courtroom killer, to surrender to police, after reading him a portion of "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren.  Nichols called Ashley “an angel sent from God”, but, ironically, it was Ashley’s less-than-angelic past that allowed her to convince him to face justice.

Today, Ashley Smith Robinson is back in active worship at Greenbrier, attends weekly Bible study, and is living with her daughter Paige, her husband Daniel and bay boy Cole. Ashley is very passionate about her renewed relationship with Jesus Christ and hopes to further the Kingdom of God by sharing her story of redemption and letting everyone know, if God did it for her…He will do it for them also. She is an avid public speaker as well as a Radiology Tech at a local hospital in Augusta. She enjoys running, biking and painting and she has returned to the familiar embrace of her extended, sports-loving family. In 2006, she finished a tour to promote “Unlikely Angel-The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Hostage Hero,” which debuted at #15 on the New York Times Bestseller List. According to her wishes, some of the proceeds from the book have been donated to a memorial fund that will honor the victims of the courthouse tragedy.